St. Michael's Home Health

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Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

As a home care patient you have the right to:

Be given information about your rights and responsibilities for receiving home health care services. 

Receive a timely response regarding your request for home health care services.

Be given information about policies, procedures and charges for services, including your eligibility for third party reimbursement.

Choose your home health care providers.

Be provided appropriate quality home health care services without discrimination against your race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or age.

Be treated with courtesy and respect by all who provide home health care services to you.

Be free from verbal, mental, sexual and physical abuse, including injuries of unknown source, neglect and misappropriation of property. 

Be given proper identification by name and title of everyone who provides home health care services to you.

Be provided a copy of your home health care Plan of Care that will meet your unique health care needs, which include care to be furnished based on assessment, disciplines furnished in your plan of care, frequency of visits for each discipline, expected outcomes, factors that may impact treatment effectiveness, and any changes in care to be furnished. 

Participate in and be informed of the development, the comprehensive assessment, and when establishing and revising your home health Plan of Care. 

May Consent or refuse your home health Plan of Care.

Be provided data privacy and confidentiality.

Be given information regarding anticipated termination of home health care services to you.

Voice grievance and to suggest changes in your Home Health Care Services and/or care giver staff without being threatened, restrained, or discriminated against.

Be provided the necessary information so that you will be able to give informed consent prior to the start of any treatment.

Be provided current and complete information concerning your diagnosis, treatment alternatives, risk and prognosis, as required by your physician’s legal duty to disclose, in terms and language you can reasonably be expected to understand.

Be provided an assessment and update of your home health Plan of Care.

Review your clinical records upon your request.

Be provided information regarding an anticipated/planned transfer of your home health care services to another agency.

Refuse treatment and be provided information concerning the consequences of refusing treatment.

Have St. Michael's Home Health staff respect and promote your privacy and security, as well as respect your property.

Permitted to make complaints.

Be advised of self-pay before care initiated.

Be advised of payment by Federal funds (Medicare/Medicaid).

Provided with names, addresses and telephone numbers of pertinent, Federally-funded and State-funded and local consumer information, consumer protection and advocacy agencies.

Provided information about the right to access auxiliary aids and language services and how to access these services.

Provided St. Michael's Home Health's policies for admission, transfer, and discharge in advance of care being furnished. 

Receive all services outlined in the home health Plan of Care.

Receive a written notice in advance of Non-Coverage and when services are reduced or terminated. 

Informed of Transfer or Discharge from Services due to necessary for the patient’s welfare, patient or payer will no longer pay for the services, improved/stabilized condition with physician agreement, patient refusal of services or patient requests discharge or transfer, and any other cause set forth in accordance with agency policy.

As a home health care patient you have the responsibility to:

Give accurate and complete information regarding your past illness, hospitalizations, medication, allergies and other pertinent items.

Assist in creating and maintaining a safe environment.

Assist in the development and maintenance of your home health Plan of Care.

Adhere to your home health Plan of Care.

Notify St. Michael's Home Health Agency when you will not be available for a home health care visit.

Request clarification and/or additional information regarding anything you do not fully understand.

Notify St. Michael Home Health's Administrator at 505 Amelia Street, Suite B, Gretna, LA  70053 or (504) 322-4525 regarding any concerns and/or problems you have regarding any agency staff member.

Please call our office number 1-504-322-4525, should you have any questions or concerns.

Should you have any questions or complaints regarding Medicare Certified Home Health Care Agencies a toll free number has been established by the State of Louisiana, Department of Health and Hospitals.  You may call the State of Louisiana DHH Monday – Friday at 1-800-327-3419 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Calls made outside these hours will be recorded and returned the next work day.

Please note:  If your native language is other than English, Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities will be translated and given in your native language.